Les trois futures stars néo-rétro de Renault, Twingo, R5 et 4L, vont vous faire craquer.


les trois futures stars néo rétro de renault, twingo, r5 et

Renault prévoit de lancer trois citadines électriques d’ici 2026 dans le cadre d’une stratégie de séduction. Ces nouvelles voitures ont chacune leurs propres caractéristiques attrayantes. Il est donc intéressant de savoir comment ces nouveautés sont organisées, quels sont leurs avantages et laquelle suscite le plus d’impatience.

Renault’s Electric Vehicle Lineup: R5, 4L, and Twingo

Renault, one of the pioneers in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, is gearing up to make a comeback in the affordable EV segment. The French automaker, along with its partner Nissan, has been working on a dedicated EV platform called CMF-EV (now known as AmpR Medium), which serves as the foundation for its new lineup of electric cars. This lineup includes the R5, 4L, and the highly anticipated Twingo.

R5: A Modern Interpretation of a Classic

The R5, set to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, is the true successor to the Renault Zoe. Renowned for its capital sympathy, the R5 is expected to win over hearts with its retro-inspired design. The styling cues of the original R5 from the 1970s, such as the trapezoidal profile and the characteristic rear fender crease, have been masterfully interpreted by Renault’s designers. The front bumper exudes power while showcasing the work of aerodynamic engineers.

Based on a modified Clio platform, the R5 will feature a rare-earth-free motor (similar to the one used in the Megane E-Tech) and two battery options: 40 kWh or 52 kWh. This will provide a range of 300 km or 400 km, respectively. The sophisticated multi-link rear suspension promises a balanced blend of comfort and handling. With its compact dimensions (3.92 m long, compared to the Zoe’s 4.08 m), the R5 aims to be the perfect urban companion, although potential compromises in interior space remain a concern. However, with a starting price just below €25,000, it may not be the discount city car that consumers were hoping for.

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Twingo: Nostalgia Meets Modernity

The new Twingo, on the other hand, will be the affordable option in Renault’s EV lineup, with a starting price just under €20,000. This neo-retro model, inspired by the first-generation Twingo, maintains a modern aesthetic while embracing its iconic predecessor’s monobox profile. Departing from the current SUV trend, the Twingo’s design focuses on rounded contours. To keep costs down, the Twingo will have reduced dimensions (3.65 m long) and utilize the cost-effective lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry. The efficient motor is expected to provide a range of at least 200 km. Renault is currently seeking a manufacturing partner, potentially Volkswagen, to produce the Twingo and reduce production costs. The assembly will likely take place in Eastern Europe.

4L: A Versatile SUV with a Legendary Heritage

The 4L, known for its versatility and practicality, will be reborn as a compact SUV. The design team faced a challenging task of integrating the characteristic elements of the original 4L, such as the rear door cutout, trapezoidal quarter window, and curved hood. Their successful execution ensures that the 4L retains its identity. Positioned between the R5 and the Megane E-Tech, the 4L will be manufactured in Maubeuge, France. It is expected to share the same « ePT-100 » electric motor as the R5, offering a range of 400 km. Practicality remains a key focus, with a flexible rear seat and a low loading sill.

Renault’s Electric Future

These new Renault EVs, part of the company’s Ampere initiative, aim to reduce the cost of battery-powered vehicles by 40% to achieve price parity with internal combustion engine models. However, the recent cancellation of Ampere’s planned IPO due to volatile financial markets poses a setback to this ambitious goal.

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Renault’s EV lineup is its answer to stiff competition from Tesla, as well as emerging Chinese brands like MG. To stay ahead in the EV market, Renault is reviving its iconic models with a modern twist, while also striving to offer affordable and attractive options. The R5, Twingo, and 4L are the first steps in this electrified journey, with each model aimed at a specific segment of the market. With their timeless design and efficient electric powertrains, these Renault EVs are set to make a statement in the industry, combining nostalgia with innovation.