Volkswagen réinvente sa gamme électrique avec des prix compétitifs


Volkswagen gamme ID.

Volkswagen réagit aux performances décevantes de sa gamme électrique en procédant à une refonte complète. Deux nouvelles finitions sont introduites, offrant le même niveau d’équipements que les modèles précédents mais à un prix réduit de plusieurs milliers d’euros. De plus, les modèles ID.4 et 5 bénéficient d’un nouveau moteur et d’une autonomie améliorée.

Volkswagen Struggles to Gain Traction in the Electric Vehicle Market

Despite a strong year in 2023 with 120,225 registrations, a 26.6% increase in a market that grew by 16.1%, Volkswagen is struggling in the electric vehicle market. Its 100% electric range is still failing to take off, with none of its models making it into the top 10 electric cars.

High Prices as a Major Obstacle

One of the main reasons for these mediocre results, despite Volkswagen’s ambition to be a leader in electric vehicles, is the high pricing strategy. As a response, the brand has announced price reductions while offering better features.

Volkswagen is undertaking a complete overhaul of its ID. range by introducing two new trims: an entry-level ID. and a Life Max, both priced at less than 450 euros per month.

Under 40,000 euros

Specifically, the ID.3 Pro (58 kWh) now falls below the symbolic 40,000 euro mark, priced at 39,990 euros, while the Life Max trim is 1,000 euros more expensive.

For example, the ID.3 Pro Life Max 2024 edition is priced at 40,990 euros, which is 2,000 euros less than the ID.3 Pro Performance Life Plus from 2023, while retaining the same standard equipment and adding metallic paint, comfort pack, and exterior pack. This represents a customer advantage of 6,470 euros.

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Price Reductions up to 8,000 euros

The ID.4 also sees a decrease in prices. The base version is now priced at 43,990 euros, and the model above it at 45,990 euros. Through equipment adjustments, Volkswagen announces that the ID.4 Life Max is 8,260 euros cheaper than the equivalent 2023 model. This pricing strategy is also available for the ID.5, which now starts at 50,500 euros, making it more than 8,000 euros cheaper than the previous version.

Enhanced Features

In addition, the ID.4 and ID.5 have received an updated cockpit with a larger screen (12.9 ») and a new multimedia system. Certain details, such as backlighting for the audio system and climate control volume controls, are now available.

The manufacturer has also revised the driving dynamics. Both models now have a new 210 kW (286 hp) motor, which is 60 kW more powerful than the previous versions. The torque has increased from 310 Nm to 545 Nm, a 75% improvement.

Furthermore, the range has been slightly increased. With the 77 kWh battery, the ID.4 and ID.5 now have respective ranges of 550 km (+24 km) and 556 km (+25 km). In their four-wheel drive versions, the charger capacity has been increased from 135 to 175 kW, allowing for a 178 km recharge in ten minutes, according to the manufacturer.